One way of bringing our ideas into this world is through the use of media and writing (or blogging).  In writing, I am confident that I can express better what I have in mind since I really don’t talk that much, and public speaking sometimes can be daunting for anyone, as for myself.
Recently, I attended the World Youth Parliament (WYP) in the Philippines with the Idente Missionaries and some Filipino youths. This was my first time to participate in these sessions (the first one was held in 2011) and I found our activities to be really thought-provoking, as we tackled the social issues that were of interest to everybody. The idea was drafting guidelines for a social change to achieve a more humane society through the voices of the Filipino youth, applying the teachings of our Founding Father  Fernando Rielo to the Idente Youth to support our beliefs or cause.
On Day One, April 14, I was given some manuals and schedules for the succeeding WYP sessions. The manual included the Magna Carta of Values, which was drafted by the youth delegates from around the globe at the United Nations in New York in 2011. This would serve as the guideline for brainstorming ideas and for making our final decision when confronted with debatable topics. This year, the WYP is focusing on Education, and this serves as an initial step in confronting social issues with the goal of creating a “New Civilization” in the end. In addition, the weekly schedule was also provided to give us a bird’s eye view of what could be expected in the next couple of weeks until October 2012, where there would be a regional gathering of Asian delegates in Bangkok, Thailand.
It is in this belief that I think all our ideas should really be put into writing. The things that we discuss at the Parliament are so important that educators or students in our country who advocate social change, might find it worthwhile to read or, better yet, attend the gathering every Saturday noon at our Idente House in Don Antonio Village in Commonwealth, Quezon City. (Check Idente’s invitation for details: Invitation to the World Youth Parliament)
As a participant, I had the privilege to know Sr. Rose Calabreta of the Idente Missionaries. Her words did contribute to shaping my opinion and opened my eyes to the possibilities of making this program a success. I would like to thank also Sr. Fatima Aguayo and Sr. Angela Hadad, who came from Ecuador and Chile, respectively, for moderating our activities and for synthesizing our ideas at the end of each session.
Being a Filipino participant in this Parliament entails hard work and perseverance for our voice to be heard around the globe. But if this is the only way I can spread a legacy to future generations, then I am up for the challenge.

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